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Axxon One VMS został zainstalowany w sercu Vanderbijlpark i Vaal Triangle.


Vaal Mall, serce Vanderbijlpark i Vaal Triangle, zawiera w sobie 50 000m² powierzchni handlowej. Centrum jest złożone z ponad 135 sklepów tekstylnych i detalicznych; oferuje placówkę gastronomiczną z restauracjami na wynos i na miejscu, szeroki wybór usług bankowych, siedem różnych placów promocyjnych oraz parking na ponad 3000 samochodów.

Do większych najemców wliczają się Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Edgars i Game.


In the retail sector, such as shopping malls, commercial security systems play a crucial role in keeping the public and their belongings safe. Petty crimes and organized violent crimes, such as armed robberies, are unfortunate realities at malls. Parking areas, often associated with illegal activities, require robust security measures, including advanced video surveillance systems, to deter incidents like drug deals and the sale of restricted items like rhino horn, which was captured during the commissioning of the AxxonSoft system.

To address these challenges, it is imperative to employ high-quality equipment meeting industry standards. Comprehensive training for operators on both the CCTV product and procedures is essential. Cameras with facial recognition software must be strategically placed to ensure valid identification of suspects. Fixed and PTZ cameras, integrated with the latest video analytics, should be deployed in high-risk areas such as open parking spaces where criminal activities frequently occur. User-friendly VMS software enhances operator efficiency, enabling quick responses to unfolding situations and patron queries.

Axxon One VMS

Vaal Mall 

Afryka Południowa


Addressing security concerns both inside and around the mall involves deploying a comprehensive security infrastructure.

Oprogramowanie: Axxon One VMS


Serwery: CAPSULE DR1630, CAPSULE DR430-R

Kamery: Sunell, Hikvision, Bosch

Sieć: Dell

A combination of panoramic and PTZ cameras, is strategically placed to provide complete views of entrances, high-risk areas, such as banks and ATMs, and other public congregating zones. Axxon One VMS software, integrated with cutting-edge video surveillance equipment, allows operators to efficiently track and identify suspicious individuals across multiple cameras using Tag&Track. Operators easily select an area noted by any of the ground personnel as suspicious, and if a suspect is noted, follow them automatically across all cameras. 

Alarm scenarios, synchronized with commercial security systems and leveraging video analytics, are activated in designated areas like fire escapes during after-hours (18:00–06:00), generating instant alerts upon motion detection.  

Instant playback, a feature within the Axxon One VMS live view, facilitates the review of events from recorded video at any time. With 133 cameras and two fully populated servers, operators equipped with Axxon One VMS stations and video walls with 12 monitors maintain maximum situational awareness. 


Results and Benefits

The implementation of the Axxon One VMS software complemented by video analytics for retail security systems empowers operators and management to monitor patrons and store activities closely. The integration of AI facial recognition and retail anti-theft devices aids in deterring criminals. The video management system proves invaluable in assisting the public, locating lost items like keys, providing insurance-related footage, and aiding law enforcement in criminal investigations. This comprehensive security solution brings peace of mind to mall management.