Wiodący na świecie twórca inteligentnego oprogramowania VMS i PSIM
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Adres : Cuenca, Ecuador, Calle Eudoro Moscoso y de la Verbena
Telefon : +593 072875443
+593 0983952733
Strona Internetowa : www.axonecuador.com

AXON SMART TECHNOLOGIES is an Ecuadorian company that specializes in developing and implementing telecommunications solutions and digital services, based on the principles and strategies of Digital Transformation, with new technological tools such as: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics Video and Business Intelligence. The partners of the Company have great professional solvency and experience as they have held various management positions in public and private companies, developing telecommunications projects and solutions throughout the territory of Ecuador. Thus, they are also related to the academic field since they have taught classes, seminars and training courses in different Universities of Ecuador. This group of professionals is actively working on the digital transformation in various sectors of the economy, through workshops, training, development and implementation projects, we have actively participated in the development The constant evolution of telecommunications and information technologies and communication.