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AxxonSoft partners Microsoft


AxxonSoft company gained the status of Microsoft Partner considering embedded systems' product family (Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner).

The Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner program is a strategic partnership program allowing partners to expand capabilities of their businesses, differentiate itself on the market and receive technological benefits from cooperation with Microsoft.

Under the auspices of the partner program the AxxonSoft company implements Microsoft's embedded operating systems (Windows XP Embedded ) in Matrix digital video recorders:

  • MATRIX IX - based on the Axxon Enterprise program core
  • MATRIX VX - based on the VIDEO7 software suite

Windows XP Embedded enables developers to choose from 10,000 unique components, achieve an optimal performance ratio and quickly develop reliable and up-to-date embedde devices.

The main benefits of Matrix digital video recorders based on XP Embedded:

  • reliability at 24*7 operation considering hard conditions as a part of distributed security systems
  • extended functionality due to unlimited number of features and flexibility of AxxonSoft software settings

Participation in the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner implies demand growth and new abilities allowing to build up a stable market of turn-key solutions.