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AxxonSoft's Record-Breaking ISC West 2018 Booth


AxxonSoft took part in ISC West 2018, America's largest security trade show held April 11–13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team presented latest developments in video content analysis, deep learning, and integrated industry solutions.

AxxonSoft welcomed over 700 visitors to our booth, the highest in our history at ISC West. Our company had a few show stoppers that garnered audience interest. One highlight was our deep learning technologies, used for face and license plate recognition and smoke and fire detection. We also showed off how AxxonSoft neural network filters identify image object types (like people or cars) and filter out false alarms stemming from visible noise (rain, flashes, swaying trees, etc.).

We also used a record number of vendor cameras to display embedded analytics support, including transmitting metadata to a video surveillance server. Our vendor cameras — Axis, Bosch, Dahua, and Hikvision — showed how on-board analytics can be used for object tracking.

"AI technologies are a real game-changer for the security market. At the same time, the market's feverish interest in video analytics makes smart devices especially important. They help reduce server requirements, while also making analytics available for a wider range of projects. This year, we were really happy to show our current and potential partners alike our cutting-edge developments in both of these fields. The amount of traffic our booth saw just goes to show that we made the right choice. ISC West is undoubtedly one of our industry's biggest and best trade shows. And we're glad to see growing interest in our products and technologies from ISC visitors year after year,"

said Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft's Global Sales Director.