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Intrepid II new-generation perimeter security joins the Axxon PSIM integration list

Intrepid II new-generation perimeter security joins the Axxon PSIM integration list

The extensive list of security hardware supported by the Axxon PSIM platform has grown to include Intrepid II new-generation perimeter security systems made by Southwest Microwave, Inc.

Combining Intellect software with Intrepid II provides in-depth protection from intruders for sites of all sizes and complexities. Intellect-based solutions combine with the MicroPoint™ II perimeter fence protection system and MicroTrack™ II buried cable intrusion sensors.

The following Intrepid II systems are now integrated with Intellect:

  • INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ II is a new-generation perimeter security system placed on the fencing of a guarded facility. This system helps sites to prevent climbing and cutting of fences. MicroPoint™ II is an industry leader thanks to its expert digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, which allow localizing intrusion attempts to within three meters while ignoring false alarms due to rain, wind, or nearby traffic. The system’s excellent signal/noise ratio and wide frequency range identify intrusion sites with high precision and minimize false alarms for ideal FAR/NAR.
  • INTREPID™ MicroTrack™ II is a new-generation buried cable intrusion system for perimeter security. This Southwest Microwave solution is used at sites that require invisible security measures: this electromagnetic, terrain-fitting system locates walking, running, and crawling intruders anywhere around a facility perimeter with reliability and accuracy. Enhanced digital signal processing in MicroTrack™ II allows coping with even the most complicated sites. The system uses geographic and time readings to precisely localize intrusion sites, which allows it to distinguish between real alarms and false alarms by small animals, wind, rain, snow, etc. The high signal/noise ratio and precise localization of intrusion sites promise high detection rates and minimal false alarms.
  • AIM II/8 alarm input module. Allows connecting additional sensors for door or gate opening, as well as other alarm sensors. Supports connecting eight dry contact sensors.
  • ROM II 8/16 relay output module. Offers a simple interface for connecting video surveillance hardware, control panels, perimeter lighting, and other devices. Has 8 or 16 relay outputs.

Why go integrated?

When integrated with Intrepid II hardware, Axxon PSIM performs monitoring and management of the perimeter security system. The program’s graphical interface offers numerous options for displaying information about system functioning and any critical events that occur at the site. Reaction times are slashed and security responses are better targeted, thanks to detailed on-map display of critical events and footage from nearby cameras.

Axxon PSIM is integrated with Intrepid II hardware via a low-level protocol. All modules connect over the RS-232 interface (RS422/485).

Integration with Intellect offers a number of advantages above and beyond ordinary Intrepid II installations:

  • Get better security efficiency, thanks to the joint functioning of perimeter security and video surveillance.
  • Combine all other site security devices with the perimeter system: fire alarms, access control, video surveillance, and more.
  • Control and configure the entire security system through a single interface: configure detection zones, modules, and control segments as well as adjust site restrictions for entry/exit.
  • Write situation-specific macros for operator handling of alarm events and automatic reaction scripts for events, making use of all security hardware (including but not limited to the perimeter security system).

About Southwest Microwave, Inc.

Southwest Microwave, Inc is an American technology company specialized in perimeter security systems and microwave connectors/adapters.
Southwest Microwave has a 40-year history of active growth and exceptional client service, which have propelled it to its leading position on the security systems market. The company is especially proud of its new-generation perimeter fencing security systems, which localize intrusions with incredible precision.

About AxxonSoft

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of open platform video management software and integrated security systems. The company's partners include over 2,500 companies, performing more then 1,500 installations every month. With over 30 offices and representatives in all key regions, AxxonSoft is able to guarantee quick deliveries and top-tier support to partners everywhere in the world.
AxxonSoft software allows creating smart video surveillance systems and integrated security systems for diverse sites, even decentralized ones scattered over large areas. AxxonSoft products are at the heart of over 80 Safe City systems and security systems at airports, ports, banks, industrial facilities, retail chains, and gas station chains, as well as many other public- and private-sector facilities around the globe.